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Welcome to ARC! We build industry/academic relationships for game designers and developers. We offer alternative talent acquisition for industry partners and help foster networking between college grads and their future employers.
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Welcome to Academic Relations Consulting, or in short, ARC.

We build bridges between academic institutions and companies, helping both to become more efficient and more connected to their future partners.  ARC facilitates partnerships between the massive brain trust of universities with the constant demand of industry for innovation and talent identification.


Build Your ARC.


Promote Professional Development Before Graduation

ARC builds relationships between academic institutions and their industry counterparts, giving those industries ability to have a role in developing the curriculum that is educating their future workforce



Create and Maintain Academic-Industry Partnerships

By tapping into the dense and well-connected networks fostered by academia, ARC connects organizations to prospective employees, giving both an edge over their competition.


Facilitate Events to Identify and to Nurture Top-Tier Talent

Industries benefit directly by integrating their brands and technologies into the education of young innovators.  ARC builds new curriculum and manages professional events that allow emerging innovators to showcase their talent in an environment similar to their professional goals.


We Develop New, Innovative Educational Programs

ARC creates true value between industries and academic institutions by creating ongoing, professional relationships between educational programs and high-profile working environments for the benefit of all.


What People Are Saying

  • “I feel honored to have had an opportunity to work with Benjamin and strongly recommend him. His passion for his work was visible to everyone with which he collaborated. For example, he was regularly the last one to leave each day, reading everything he could get his hands on. Benjamin has embraced every learning opportunity with enthusiasm, and is not afraid to ask questions, digging deep into problems when needed, and creatively exploring potential resolutions. Benjamin has a strong sense of personal ownership towards every task he takes on, which is an essential quality for any team player. I look forward to following Benjamin’s many successes in the future, and will look forward to working alongside him again in the future!”

    – Matt Howell,
    Senior Product Manager, Warner Bros. Games

  • “There is a lot that can be said about Benjamin. He is a hard working, self starter, who puts a lot of heart into what he is focused on. He is always willing and excited to learn new things, especially within the video game industry. His drive and passion, for this industry, is contagious which is a nice breath of fresh air in what is quickly becoming a stale and lifeless corporate machine. His friendliness, humor, and sociability makes him a perfect candidate for any relationship style position. Benjamin is a pleasure to work with and hope that I can continue to work with him in the future.”

    – David Sinur,
    Associate Producer, Turbine

  • Univ. relations is an important job and Benjamin does it well. Understanding the talent pipeline is critical and taking the time to listen to so many students, faculty and administrators requires someone of Benjamin’s background and temperament.

    – Tim Loew
    Exec. Director, Massachusetts Digital Games Institute